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Bophut Beach  

T he sea in Bophut is cloudy because of muddy suspended matter, which never sinks. It is definitely impossible to go snorkeling on this beach. The sand is reddish, coarse, grained. It is very comfortable for adults to swim there, because the depth grows fact and right from the shore. It is particularly noticeable in the central part of the beach, that’s why they tie up different boats and yachts here. They swim in Bophut mainly in the western part of the beach, where prestigious hotel complexes are situated. From time to time small jellyfish swim in great numbers into the bay, it usually happens after storms or long rains.

Y achts sleeping on waves, boutiques selling ethnic fashion jewelry, bars with relaxing atmosphere and restaurants overlooking a tranquil bay and nearby island Koh Phangan create a special atmosphere of Bophut. Of course, there are palm tress here, and sandy coastline with sun loungers and sunshades. But it is not beach holidays that the place is famous for.

Bophut Beach

T he bay of Bophut beach is situated in the northern coast of Koh Samui, between two capes: Laem Sai with tiny islands and Laem Mai Kaen. There a beach called Menam after the first cape, and after the second one – there is the Great Buddha and hot Thai sun rises. In the eastern part of Bophut, if you go to the left from quays, a wooden one and pontoon plastic one, there is a picturesque sand bar – a perfect place for a secluded morning walk. It is most likely, that you won’t come across anyone there, except some stray dog. Or, perhaps, you will see some of the locals picking up edible seashells.

B ophut abounds in good, and, let’s say, serious restaurants, where you can really indulge yourself. Each of Bophut restaurants has its own style and completely differs from its neighbours. You may find minimalism there along the lines of German design, and eastern brightness, and traditional Thai style with carved wood and typical pointed roofs, and an Irish pub, and a Spanish tapas-bar, and reggae bar, and beach lounge bars. The most important landmark of Bophut is the village itself, located in its shore. It used to be fishermen’s village, that’s why it is still called so – Fisherman’s Village. Nowadays its two main perpendicular streets are a small oasis for foodies aesthetes. Tiny streets of Bophut have become a favourite place for sophisticated Europeans and for the Japanese, who appreciate conceptuality of local public places. You can drop into boutiques selling clothes and jewelry, find a souvenir or a handmade piece of interior.

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