>> Welcome to the modest admin page of the Koh Samui Space website<<
Administration of our website is made by Modx-Studio, a group of young people permanently residing on Koh Samui, having their permanent business on the island.
We did not set high goals for creating the Koh Samui Space blog, our only priority is to provide the best possible information to the numerous visitors of the island. When the second is in this need.
After the launch of the project Koh Samuit Space, we realized that there really was a need for this, in spite of a great many similar projects. Since time does not stand still, and something new will certainly replace the old. So our blog is the newest product, even if it is already available information. The main thing - how to submit it! We give our information to many guests who access the Internet using a mobile phone, which the old ones cannot boast of, and let the author blogs, which in turn become our authors.
Our Blog Koh Samui Space is a real example of what an information website should be, containing not only mobility, but also convenience. If you still think differently, then you have to search for yourself in addition, according to your taste and predilection.
>>Web Security<<
The main and most important component of our blog. We do not collect any information about our visitors, because we do not see any need or expediency. We operate solely within the framework of the rule of law, not devoting to news of politics and other fundamental components of news and author blogs. Our information is open, as well as the source code of our website!
>>Contact us<<
If you have questions, you can always contact us in the email or in the contact module in a faster connection, which is in the header of the website.
Thank you for your attention and wish you a nice day And of course, come to rest on the wonderful island of Koh Samui!