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Current Local Time and Weather in Ko Samui, Thailand 

The Best Time to Visit Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an island part of an archipelago of more than 60 islands off Thailand east coast surrounded by the clear waters of the Gulf of Siam. It is only 45 minutes by air from Bangkok. Calm waters, white sand, coconut palms are emblematic of this paradise, peaceful refuge.

When you think to visit a paradise island like Koh Samui, it is very important to get the best information in order not to be anxious, so we are going to provide you with all the details you need, to enjoy one of the best islands in the world. Besides, you will get to have a look at the many activities and events during the year, so you can decide when you should go and take advantage of all this information.

Samui has a very beautiful nature; most of the beaches are clean, quiet and sandy. They have something for everyone. For the party lovers, there’s a lively nightlife, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. And for people who prefer a more peaceful stay can retire anywhere in the cottage among palm trees. Ideal for families with children, as well as travel lovers.


We are here to guide you through everything you may be interested to know!
When is the best time to visit Koh Samui?
Weather is a very important factor to take into account when you decide to visit this enchanting island, so let’s have a look at it all year round! Koh Samui is really captivating all year round, in Late December to April it has a great weather, little rain, and lots of sunshine. From May to September it’s still too sunny but you will probably confront some rain. However, October and November are the rainiest months and it is difficult to find good beach weather.

And like any tropical island; Koh Samui has two seasons:
1. Rainy season
Rainy Season on Koh Samui is regularly during late October to mid-December. In November it rains A LOT. Yeah! When it rains, it rains cats and dogs.

2. Dry season
Dry season takes place in April. It is really sunny in Koh Samui, and right in the middle you have the water festival “Songkran”. We could say that April is one of the sunniest months in this fascinating island.

Take a look at these charts to get a clearer idea of Samui's weather all year round


Can there really be a bad time to visit Samui?
Well, it is up to you to decide. However, in Samui; fresh coconuts are offered every day of the year, and there are a lot of things to do in any weather, so, get the information, get on board, and enjoy.

We recommend to look for outside areas when booking your accommodation like a patio, restaurants, a beach bar that have overhangs within the resort so that you can enjoy any storm or rain with an ocean view, definitely rain is not such a bad thing, imagine drinking beer at a see-through rain screens that roll down to keep you in the tropical beach mood in any weather.

Let’s check out what’s the rain like in Koh Samui
Remember, tropical countries have two seasons, Rainy season and Dry season. If you’ve never enjoyed a combination of hot, tropical rain – it’s pretty incredible frankly! The rain in Koh Samui is nothing compared to California or London’s poor drizzle. In tropical countries, we sometimes have heavy rain; however, there is always something to do.


There are many things you can do in Samui during the rainy days
Wet weather does not mean wasting a day by hiding in your hotel room. We cannot take a rainy day as a catastrophe when we are on a holiday in Koh Samui, as there is no reason to feel negative about it, because a rainy day is not really cold, the lowest temperature is never below 16.9°C, and there are many things to do in Samui when it rains.

For example:
1. Have a nice Yoga session.
Koh Samui Yoga could be a really good experience. You can find a variety of options for all skill levels and interests. Put on something comfortable, clear your head, and relax.
2. Pay a visit to a movie theater.
A visit to one of Samui’s movie theatres could keep you entertained for a rainy afternoon. Seeing a movie at a theatre in Thailand can be a one of a kind cultural experience that you will remember for years.
3. Curl in a good book.
We all have that one book we are dying to read but never do. Take this chance, get comfortable and allow yourself to enjoy.
4. Learn how to carve fruits.
Thai fruit carving lessons could be a really enjoyable and new experience to consider. Create beautiful fruit and vegetable carvings, take pictures, and have fun!
5. You can take a Thai cooking class.
Learn authentic Thai recipes in Samui cooking classes. There is a wide range of options, for example; vegetarian recipes.
6. Get a new suit.
Thai silk is famous and high in quality. So, what about tailoring a new suit that will add some culture to your wardrobe?
7. Feel relaxed and watch the storm clouds from your bed.
You are on your vacation days and you need to relax, have the greatest time and be lazy! Most Samui hotels have a handful of secret spots, even Wifi services, many hotels also offer “bath-drawing services” with bubbles, magic potions, and the whole nine yards. Just ask for what your imagination is drawing and do not set a limit. They are the days of your life!
8. Enjoy a foot massage.
At any beach, massage shop therapists will easily discover your troubles and relieve any pain. If you prefer a more fancy experience; you can go to a spa instead. Samui is widely known as ‘the best spa destination in Southeast Asia’.
9. What about a restaurant?
Don’t forget the restaurants, Most Koh Samui restaurants including those on the beach, have rain screens. Two of the best are Ninja Crepes and Coco Tam’s.

Quick fact

There are many hills in Koh Samui and we can call it generously mountainous with localized microclimates. As such, visitors staying at one beach might experience a week of perfect sun, while those a few bays away may have frequent thunderstorms.

If you want to find a clear sky; simply drive elsewhere and do not ruin your vacation by an afternoon or a few days of rain. Assume it will rain for at least part of your trip and take advantages of it. Either way; there’s still plenty to do!

If you’re a sun-tanner; skip November
If you like to tan; try to avoid November, it rains too much. As it is the wettest month in Koh Samui.
Otherwise, it is still lovely to visit Samui in November because accommodation rates are cheaper, there are fewer tourists, and you can completely enjoy the island.

When is the sunniest time on Koh Samui?
In Koh Samui, February and March are the sunniest days, while the cloudiest are September and October. In tropical countries weather prediction is not really guaranteed, so we have to be alerted to the weather and adapt to surprises.
This still does not mean that February and March are the best months to visit Koh Samui. It all heads back to what you like and willing to experience.

When is the driest time on Koh Samui?
This would be February because it does not rain a lot. So, it will be good if you want to avoid puddles. Moreover, April and March also tend to be dry- unless you’re visiting during the water festival!

When is the hottest time on Koh Samui?
It is usually In April around Songkran.

When is the coolest time on Koh Samui?
It Is January, right after we celebrate New Year’s Eve hustle.

What to generally pack to Koh Samui?


1. Do not forget to bring Sunscreen
Many travelers’ aim to get that perfect tan under Samui’s sun, and this is not a bad idea; just make sure to have enough sunscreen which is at least SPF 50. A scorching sunlight can cause sunburn and that is not a good experience for your skin at all. So when you are going out apply your favorite brand of sunscreen, even if you are not leaving for the beach.
If you forgot your favorite brand, you can find many sunscreens with affordable prices at local shops or in grocery stores.
2. Sun Protection (Bring your hat and sunglasses)
If you want to avoid getting sunburned on the neck and forehead; bring your hat and sunglasses. This is a tropical island and sometimes there is too much sunshine. And a good way to avoid the sun is wearing sunglasses and a hat, as on Koh Samui the sunlight may get very strong to the point that you can’t open your eyes. Don’t worry if you forgot to bring them, you could find many around the island.
3. Protect your feet
If you want to feel relaxed do not bring your boots or high heels. On Samui, there are good roads, but we sometimes have to take a walk on an improper path walk. In Thailand, Sandals will suit you best because of the hot weather and humidness. Moreover, in some places, it is required to take off your shoes (in temples, or when visiting a traditional Thai house). If you forgot your sandals or you want to buy new ones; they are available in many stores around the island.
4. Tissue paper
It is best to take your tissue paper along when you are traveling anywhere. In Samui, there are many restrooms but some of them may not provide tissue paper. So bring yours, just in case.
5. Mosquitoes repellent
Remember in tropical countries there are many mosquitoes and small insects that can irritate your skin. So, make sure to bring your own insects repellent or buy one as soon as you get there. Apply repellent when you are going out from your hotel during the evening to night time. If you need to use repellents more often, try the natural ones, they also smell very nice. However, if you are staying at one of the luxury hotels in Koh Samui, you may not need to carry repellent as it will be provided for free.

And now, let’s have a look at some of the festivals and events during the year in Koh Samui that you may schedule your trip around

Chinese New Year (February)
Yarowaj, Bangkok Chinatown is a special place to celebrate Chinese New Year. It is set to start at the end of January and depends on the Chinese lunar calendar.
(Songkran Festival) April
It is a national holiday and is celebrated in April, the hottest month of the Thai year. This festival is celebrated for as long as a week. To combat the heat, they have friendly water fights and parties in the streets.
Vegetarian Festival (October-December)
Do you want to taste mouthwatering vegetarian dishes?
In this festival, you have a great opportunity to taste those dishes on the street stalls or restaurants during the festival. It is an opportunity t o taste mouthwatering vegetarian dishes and take some great photos too.
(December 3rd) Trooping of the Colors
An event that is celebrated on the 3rd of December in which Royal Thai Army, Navy, and Air Force declare an oath and march in unison before the King and Queen.
The Moon Festival
Celebrated to give thanks and ask for wishes to be granted. The participants release into the water decorated small boats as an offering to Khonga, the water goddess.
Christmas celebration
It is held all over December in Thailand, we can see plenty of events, impressive decorations, and light displays.

Some extra tips

Remember that Koh Samui is one of the most amazing and popular destinations in Thailand and has loads to offer, so there is no way to get bored during your stay there.
You can do and explore a lot!Below you can find some tips, which will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.
Low Season (October and November):
These are the rainiest months of the year but you still can find sunny days.
If you want to swim and get tanned:
Most of the people who visit Koh Samui love getting tanned and Late December to April has good weather. You can find plenty of sun From May to September but a little more rain. Avoid October and November, because they are the rainiest months in Koh Samui and it is hard to find great sunny days.
Day Trips to Angthong Marine Park for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving:
Day trips to Koh Tao are famous. If you want to see whale sharks, you should go in March, April or May, and for diving anytime outside of November and early December would be the best. Angthong park is closed in November and early December.
Want to save up?
Try to visit Koh Samui during the rainy months of October and November. There are some great deals and you can still find some sunny days during this period. If you want a good weather and cheap prices you should come in April, May or June.
The High season
If you prefer the high season; try to come in late December, January, July, and August. Remember to book your accommodation months in advance.
Shoulder Season is in February, March
In this season we have the two driest and sunniest months to visit Koh Samui, which are February and March.
Shoulder Season is in February, March

Three things you should know about Koh Samui

1. Did you know that Koh Samui is considered one of the best islands in the world?
It is one of the largest islands in Thailand. Koh Samui has the nicest white sand beaches, hard to find elsewhere. Some of the most popular are Chaweng Beach, Lanai Beach and many others.
2. Buddha Statue
Koh Samui has many cherished Buddha statues, including the laughing Buddha located at Wat Plai Laem, the Big Buddha on the northeastern tip of the island at Wat Phra Yair, and of course The Big Buddha that is considered a landmark which travelers see as they fly into the island. Make sure to dress conservatively. They are considered places of worship.
3. Samui charming airport
It is a pleasant private airport owned by Bangkok Airways. It is just 45 minutes from the capital city and considered by many people as one of the nicest and most charming in the world. It has pure, virgin gardens.
As you can see, there are many reasons to visit this enchanting island. It is really a paradise, one of the best places in the world to be considered as the first destination for a perfect vacation.

Enjoy your trip, and live every moment! Article: