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Paradise Park Farm 

S now-white peacock, pigeons of all the colours of rainbow, speaking parrots and little parrots, deer with a whole brood of fawns, ostriches emu, timid baby rabbits, charming gibbons — they all live in “Paradise-Park” in the mountains of Koh Samui. Most of the animals, that you will see here, are released from their cages in the afternoon, and you will be able to communicate and play with them without any obstacles. That’s why your childish delight will be unlimited irrespective of your age.

Paradise Park Farm

A trip to “Paradise-park” will always give you plenty of impressions. And it’s not only about its ‘free’ inhabitants. This paradise garden, which takes up about 8 ha, is situated on the mountain Pom (Pom Mountain), the highest one on the island, from where you can see breath-taking views of the coast of Koh Samui, nearby tiny islands, and the vast ocean, merging with equally vast sky. The park itself is also very picturesque with its shady tropical vegetation, flower oases, winding and, by the way, quite steep walking paths. Everything looks neat and tidy, including animals and birds.

C limbing up such steep mountain paths so high will definitely pay off. They will meet you in a very friendly way, show you round, they will give you a baby gibbon to hold in your arms, or they will place a talkative macaw on your shoulder, they will hand you a treat for you to feed a deer right from your hands. After a trip to the park you will visit a restaurant with one of the most picturesque panoramic views on the island. And that’s not all! ‘Paradise-Park” also boasts a wonderful swimming pool, which absolutely all the quests can’t help liking. Just imagine diving into cool water of the pool at such a height and with such a view! Most guests decide to spend here the whole day, and in the evening they enjoy an unforgettable sunset right from the pool.

Paradise Park Farm Samui

U seful information: It’s a good idea to have a look at a detailed plan of the zoo farm of “Paradise-park”. Don’t forget a swimsuit! You will never be able to forgive yourself for not swimming in the pool on top of the highest mountain of Koh Samui with a panoramic sea view. Towels are available on deposit, but there may not be any clean ones, so, just in case, take yours with you. You can have a snack or a proper meal right here, in a local restaurant with a panoramic view. There is also a playground for children, but, actually, the whole “Paradise-Park” could be referred to a playground. You can stay in “Paradise-Park” for a few days, because there are bungalows to rent. Please, don’t forget that animals and birds in “Paradise-Park” are kept in captivity. They spend nights in cages, and parrots and gibbons are kept on leashes in the afternoon. However, all the inhabitants of the farm are well-groomed, well-fed and entertained – by visitors, too. All the staff live right here, so animals are always under control and they are examined by a veterinarian once a week.

Prices of entrance tickets:

  • 400 baht – for adults;
  • 200 baht – for children;
  • 20 baht – a little sack with some food for animals;
  • 200 baht – deposit for the towel in the swimming pool.