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I t is not only coconuts, that Koh Samui abounds in. Here, real pearls are grown, too. To be exact, a pearl farm is situated on one of tiny satellite-islands of Koh Samui – Koh Matsum. The pearls, cultivated there, are sold in a small shop ‘Naga’s Pearl’, situated in the south of the island, in the district of the beach Thong Krut. You can see the photos of the farm on the shop’s walls, thanks to which a customer gets an idea where sea pearls come from.

Naga Pearl Farm and Shop

T he shop is small, but it has something to admire. In shop windows earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings and separate pearls, spherical and of sophisticated shapes, ‘baroque’, are on display. As for colour, we noticed jewelries made of pearls of white colour, pink, light grey and dark grey with a green hue, which are called ‘peacock’s eye’. Snaps are made of silver, some of them have spherical shape, some – flower shape.

I f you are not ready for purchasing a necklace, which costs 10000 bahts, you might as well buy souvenirs, made of mother-of pearl.

Naga Pearl Farm and Shop Samui

H ow to find Naga’s Pearl Shop:
Pearl shop Naga’s is opposite Thong Krut Beach, by the very road 4170, which you can get to, for instance, by taking a turn to Hua Thanon from the ring road (4169).
Location: 9.420229,99.957596

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