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Nathon Beach  

O n Nathon, like everywhere else on the western coast, low tides change sea landscapes considerably. Water goes from the sea shore for a couple of kilometers. But even during high tide the conditions for swimming are far from being perfect. Not very big depth, silt, chips of dead corals, stones, seaweed – all of them will prevent you from a pleasant swim. Moreover, the coast is littered, it is particularly noticeable near an embankment and port quays.
The beach in the southern part of the settlement, which begins behind the embankment, — is a quiet and pleasant place, sheltered by palm trees and coniferous trees. The sand on the shore is crumbly and light, with a tint of grey. Yet, it is still shallow, muddy and not very tidy here.

N athon is a sea port and administrative centre of Koh Samui. Ferries and speedy catamarans depart from here to islands Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Phangan, they also leave for the mainland – to the sea port Donsak, and farther – to any place interesting for you – Bangkok, Phuket, Crabi. Apart from the sea port, there is also a city hall, an immigration office, bus station main post office and a state hospital ‘Koh Samui Hospital’ with the lowest prices for medical assistance, offices of tourist police and sea police in this tiny town. There Buddhist temples, Chinese temples, and even a Catholic church of St. Anna.
The shallows, reaching the horizon, and a remote turquoise edge, where the sea starts, — they all contribute to a charming landscape. Kite-surfers have become keen on these places. They fly and learn to fly not very far from the hotel ‘Grand Seaview’ from May till October, when there are all the necessary conditions for the sport. Coral reefs, located at the distance of 1,5-2 km, hold off waves, turning the coastal area into a mirror-like smooth surface.

Nathon Beach

N athon is practically the only town on Koh Samui. The rest of the settlements on the islands are villages, or tourist oases around the hotel complexes, bungalows, and hotels. Here you can easily find everything for a comfortable life, including markets, where they sell fresh seafood and unusual Thai fruit, and a chain supermarket Tesco Lotus. If you intend to do some shopping, then the smartest decision is to do it in Nathon – here the prices are lower, and the range of goods is wider, than in any place on Koh Samui. Tiny shops decorated with red Chinese lanterns make a local shopping street, which is a main road as well, particularly original. It is not only usual souvenirs, that you can buy here, but also Thai traditional garment – sarong, decorative and too much decorative opium pipes, bongs, and tissue paper of huge size. In between, you may as well drop into a bakery or internet café for a cup of coffee, or, without stopping anywhere, enjoy tasty street food.

T he most beautiful place in Nathon is, without any doubt, an embankment. It’s all thanks to the views, which come into sight from here. Nathon sunsets are among the most picturesque ones here, because it is the western side of the island. The place doesn’t lack restaurants, which are situated by the very coast. So, even if you choose another beach on Koh Samui, it is still worth enjoying breath-taking views, while eating especially spicy Thai dishes. But those, looking for fun night entertainments, shouldn’t come here. Nothing really happens here at nights.

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