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N eed to go shopping in Koh Samui? Then visit Tesco Lotus. Situated on the Ring Road, somewhere between Bophut and Chaweng, this is a large shopping complex where you can dine, shop for clothes and gadgets, watch a movie, pay your bills, and find exclusive Tesco items. Tesco Lotus is a convenient shopping place that accepts major credit cards and offer amazing discounts on different supermarket and department store merchandise. It has a cinema, a bowling alley, coffee shops, a food court, and specialty shops.
Tesco Lotus is one of the most popular shopping areas in Koh Samui and it is not hard to see why. What they offer is a wide selection of products and services so for those who will be running multiple errands, this is the ideal place to go. Here you can buy quality fresh produce and meat products as well as edible staples such as eggs, bread, and dairy. Cakes and pastries are sold at the complex too. Skincare products and toiletries such as lotions, deodorants, and toothpaste can easily be found on the shelves. At Tesco Lotus, you have the chance to purchase products from the well respected Tesco Line. Be it condiments,grains, laundry products, chips, or hair products, you can find something suitable for you under the Tesco brand.
Apart from household basics, Tesco Samui also sells appliances, home furnishings, sports gear, and gadgets. Anything you might need for your holiday can be found in this one stop commercial center.

Tesco Lotus

T he mall has four main decoration themes, the Chaweng Port theme that combines contemporary architecture with an old time ferry port, a Birdcage theme with Chino-Portuguese style, a Fishermans Village theme and Old Market theme in Colonial style. There are over 200 Thai and International brand shops and restaurants and a night Bazaar. However the promised cinema seems to not have appeared.
As you might expect parking is something of a challenge at Tesco Lotus, although the underground car park is very large it is still not easy to find a spot. From the entrance on the lake road past the roundabout getting to the underground car park involves driving round the entire shopping mall so it is better to use the back entrance. When you come back to your car and find that you are blocked in by another car don’t worry, all you need to do is summon a parking attendant who will push the car out of the way foSAM_1492r you and guide you out. Despite the parking chaos there are plenty of friendly staff around to help you. Don’t forget to make a note of your parking bay, they are numbered so you don’t forget where you parked.

R unning out of affordable ideas to keep your household entertained? Instead of taking them to pricey Koh Samui venues, just bring them to Tesco Lotus. You can watch a movie here, have some coffee, play at the arcade, go bowling, or simply window shop. With so many things to see, you won’t get bored. Plus, you can stay here for hours if you want. Unlike other activities that require you to pay thousands of baht for half an hour, a trip to Tesco Lotus is definitely cheaper. If you have little children with you, you can let them play at the kiddie area while you do your shopping.
Affordable food products with a luxury feel and quality, items under the Tesco Finest line are worth checking out. These are premium edible items that are made with utmost care. They have amazing selections of tea (try the Earl Grey and Darjeeling), pantry essentials such as pasta sauces, marinades, marmalades, and condiments. They also have imported coffee, chocolate, and cookies in the line. Among our favorites from Tesco Finest are the Costa Rican Coffee, Red Berry Granola, Finish Dark Chocolate, plus the wines. If you love gourmet style food products, make sure to check the Tesco Finest Line.

Tesco Lotus Samui

F An activity you can do to beat the heat or escape a rainy day is watch a movie and thankfully, Tesco Lotus has its own cinema. Here you can watch Thai movies and Hollywood productions too. The movie theater has an air conditioned seating area with comfortable chairs for your viewing pleasure.
Need to pay your bills or perhaps you want to buy prepaid card for your phone? Fret not because Tesco facilitates bills payments, sells prepaid cards, and also offers ticket reservations. You can even purchase their special vouchers and gift cards for a no-fail present and giveaway. Aside from this they also have a copier and a fax service.
Feeling hungry after completing your shopping list? Good thing Tesco Lotus has a food court where you can grab your favorite bite. Here they serve local Thai meals as well as popular Western food like donuts, fried chicken, and burgers. Apart from this, you can also get your coffee fix from a number of cafes in the vicinity. If you are a fan of bubble tea, there are plenty of booths that sell tea based concoctions. There’s also a bake shop, an Auntie Anne’s booth, and an ice cream station.

Tesco Lotus Samui

L ike in most cases, you can save more money if you buy in bulk–be it rice, water, or rolls of toilet paper. If you are planning to stay a bit longer in Koh Samui, stock up on your essentials. Buy cereals, instant noodles, beer, bar soaps, laundry detergent, and of course bottled water. Buying in bulk will minimize having to go out multiple times—saving you time and money.
The Tesco ClubCard allows you to earn points which you can turn to discount coupons. You also have a chance to earn prizes whenever they have promotions for card holders.
The beauty of shopping here is the fact that you can access products from the Tesco brand. Sure there is no problem sticking to your usual brands but if you try a Tesco item here and there, you will realize that their products offer you standard quality for less baht. They have amazing shampoos, kitchen cleaning products, body washes, and dishwashing liquids. Try some of them. If you are uncomfortable starting with a body product, try their teas or their condiments. Some of the best from the Tesco line are their pickles, hot chocolate drink, spices like cardamom and cinnamon, and the Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo. They also have giant bottles of fabric softeners, toilet cleaners, and even baby skincare products such as baby bath, baby shampoo, and baby lotions. Article: