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T he Lamai Walking Street Market is located on the Hat Lamai Road Lamai Beach. On market night the roads are closed to traffic. The market starts at 5 pm. Access, before the market begins, is a little chaotic whilst vendors arrive to set up their stalls. The Lamai Walking Street otherwise known as Lamai Jai Dee Walking Street is very popular with locals and tourists alike. One of the market streets is dedicated solely to food and the other for everything else. Where the two streets meet a stage is set for the nightly entertainment offered throughout the evening.

Lamai Walking Street

F ish is in abundance at Lamai Walking Street Market. Stalls offer squid, crab, prawns and octopus on a stick, uncooked or barbequed spiced or smoked. Choices are endless. The locals and the tourists sit on chairs dotted around chatting and tucking into sushi and lobster. Every type of fish you can imagine is on offer. If you show an interest the vendors will let you have a sample of their fish.

J uicy spare ribs marinated in a variety of sauces is hard to resist. The barbeque chicken and pita bread, pork and chicken kebabs so much to choose from. Samples of each seemed the best option. Westerners may be off with some sights. The sale and display of chickens with heads and feet whole pigs head hanging from the stalls can be off-putting. The street vendors will prepare the food how you like it.

Lamai Walking Street Samui

I t is ok to still haggle a little with the vendors. If refused you are still getting a cheaper deal than at home. A good opportunity to buy trinkets and crafts handmade locally and across and Thailand. The clothes and electrical goods are sold as genuine articles, they rarely are. Most circumstances not true. Leather and jewellery items are bargains. Wooden sculptures and carvings are sculpted in Koh Samui and around Thailand. Prices can vary so haggle. The traditional Thai handmade children clothes are cute. Perfect for that exclusive gift back home that no other child will have. Prepare yourself for sunglasses and trainers along with named clothing in general very good copies and hence popular with tourists. DVD stalls are amongst the most popular for tourists to get the latest films.

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