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Hua Thanon Beach  

T he northern part of Hua Thanon Beach is a small bay. There are smoothed by the water stones on the shore here, and the sand is coarse and of light reddish hue. Pleasure boats are anchored by the shore, and separate yachts and motorboats, which mostly belong to the centre of water sports, which office is situated right here. Southwards the beach stretches out into a spacious, a bit stretching out into the sea, coast line, and grainy sand is replaced by smooth flour of greyish-and-white colour.

I n terms of cleanliness, Hua Thanon Beach is far from being ideal. You may often come across litter both on the sand and in the water: everything starting from polyethylene bags and ending with deserted rusty boats, which look romantic on photos, but don’t contribute to comfortable rest on the beach. The sea bed is a mixture of sand and silt, sharp stones and chips of dead corals. The nearest beach, where you can have an enjoyable swim, is Lamai.

Hua Thanon Beach

H ua Thanon Beach is situated on the eastern coast of Koh Samui island, just behind a small beach Rocky Beach and not far from a lively beach Lamai. Probably, Hua Thanon Beach will appeal mostly to a tourist, eager to learn more about diverse Thai culture. The northern border of the beach is embellished by a Buddhist temple Wat Sila Hgu, located on a slight slope. Here you can often watch some of monks meditate in shade of a tree, facing the sea. Hua Thanon is equally exciting in the south: it ends by Muslim Village, that faces the sea with turquoise little towers of minarets and long prows of fishing boats.

D riving into the area of Hua Thanon Beach from Lamai, you can’t help noticing that there are fewer holiday-makers and hotels here. The ring road goes along the first line of buildings of the beach. Before Muslim Village, it takes a sudden turn to the right from the coast. In this part of Hua Thanon you can the life of the island inhabitants in full swing. There is a fish market here, where those, who are hungry for healthy food and something exotic, will find fresh seafood, caught by fishermen of Muslim Village. There are little shops, selling souvenirs, clothes, and swim equipment for tourists, and there are also shops selling goods to locals, including patterned sarongs, broadbrim straw hats and gifts to monks.
Introverts will have a great time on Hua Thanon Beach, and extroverts would better come here together with numerous friends. Yet, Lamai is only 3 km northward. There, entertainment-seekers will find bars, beach parties and a ring of Thai boxing.

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