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Nahai Beach

Nahai Beach  

N ahai Beach is not the place, where you can jump at a run into the sea. It is shallow here at high tide, and at low tide, you will have to walk a very long way to the water. The sandy strip of the beach is from 15 up to 40 meters wide in different places. It mergers into the shallows and sandbanks, stretching out to the horizon for hundreds of meters (in the widest place – for about half a kilometer). There is a narrow coral range, ringing the aquatic area of the beach along its whole perimeter. It prevents the formation of waves, and at high tide, all the space of the aquatic area if filled by a thin layer of water, smooth like a mirror.

T he sand on the beach is very fine and light, from snow-white sand on the seashore up to greyish-creamy one on the bed. In terms of cleanliness, Nahai is wonderful: there was no litter found, except a gun-shaped trinket, which looked antique because of salt. Nahai Beach is the right place for inhaling deeply with the whole chest. The main impression of it is spaciousness. From Nahai a panoramic view comes into sight, which enchants with tranquility and vastness.

Nahai Beach

T he beach overlooks open sea, and an even horizon line isn’t spoilt by anything. Coastal areas here are occupied by expensive hotels and villas to let, where everything is arranged in order to guarantee a guest privacy, peace and protection from intrusion. There are signs, prohibiting not only trespassing, but also photographing private property. Nahai is in the south-east of Koh Samui. It stretches out for about 2 kilometers, from Muslim Village in the north up to Laem Set cape and Natien Beach in the south.

T he beach is far from crowded Chaweng and Lamai, situated northward along the eastern coast of the island. There are no bars or clubs here. This place is more suitable for family holidays or sport activities. From November till March, when the conditions are ideal for training, the school of kitesurfing is open here. As for markets and souvenir shops, you can find them not far from here at all – in the district of fishermen’s market in Hua Thanon.

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