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Laem Yai Beach  

L aem Yai is one of those beaches, which call for walking, rather than swimming. The sand on the coast is pleasant: light, of creamy shade and very soft. However, you cannot say the same about the bottom, besides, there is not much water at all, even during high tide. The shallows stretch out into the sea for about half a kilometer, and they end with coral gardens. The bottom is sticky, silty and stony. That’s why you’d better walk wearing special footwear, otherwise you may injure your feet, moreover, it is just unpleasant. At low tide, the shallows bare for about 40-50 meters. Another disadvantage is that the beach couldn’t be called clean. The strips, which belong to expensive hotels, are perfectly clean, but behind their borders the beach is covered by large heaps of garbage.

L aem Yai is a tranquil, secluded beach in the north-west of Koh Samui. It is situated on the western coast of a cape with the same name, and is separated from the world by groves of coconut palm trees, which almost totally predominate here. A small strip of light, creamy sand stretches for 800 meters, it borders a hill, protruding into the sea, on one side, and a small stony bank – on another side. From Laem Yai you can see a range of isles of Ang Thong National Marine Park. But if you look at the south, the panorama of Nathon coast line will come into sight, the capital of the island, which is 10-minute trip by car from here.

Laem Yai Beach

T he water of Laem Yai beach doesn’t make you feel like swimming, but sunsets here are simply magical, and most importantly, they are not disturbed by noisy cars or parties. The place is hidden away from the rest of the world, very few people visit it. On the other hand, Nathon is just 10-minute trip from here, with its souvenir shops, boutiques with Thai cosmetics, food and clothes markets.

O n the beach, you can find not only fine restaurants, owned by expensive hotels, but a simple, cosy Thai café, situated closer to its northern end. All the isle’s sights are quite far from here, the easiest way to see them is just book an excursion at a hotel reception or at an excursion bureau, situated opposite a hotel ‘The Passage’. So, Big Buddha is 18 km away from here, Paradise Park Farm in Koh Samui mountains – 17 km, and so popular with tourists nature sculpture Grandma and Grandpa (Hin Ta and Hin Yai) – 22 km. The airport isn’t near, either, — 45 minutes by taxi, but a passenger quay in Nathon is within an easy distance.

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