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Khun Si Waterfall  

L Located in Bophut is Khun Si Waterfall Koh Samui. Hidden away not the easiest of waterfalls to find but with perseverance, you can. The waterfall is a short distance from the Khun Si View Point. Use your GPS. Make your way to the highest point, the road curves deeply and there is a dirt road. For some miles drive along the dirt track until you can’t drive anymore. A small wooden sign will let you know you have arrived. The mountain road is an amazing route through the untouched Samui. Hike in a beautiful tropical paradise

Khun Si Waterfall

F abulous views and opportunities are on offer to take photos away from the tourist areas. Without time limits this trip benefits from the Samui before the tourism took over the island.  Along the route, you may meet locals in the plantations harvesting the durian crops. Give them a wave they appreciate it. It is very rare to find Khun Si Waterfall Koh Samui crowded with tourists.


aterfall Khun Si

The Khun Si Waterfall is situated amongst the mountains and durian plantations of Samui. The views of Koh Phangan are stunning. Tiered boulders and the rocks with water cascading form the small natural pools in the rocks. Cool water flows into the pools perfect for a cooling dip in the heat of the day. The climb to Khun Si Waterfall is not the easiest walk but worth the challenge. The surroundings of thick lush jungle and durian plantations make it a perfect spot for peace and quiet. You can wander through the durian plantations but do not pick them it is private land. The durian fruit although popular on the island has a distinctive foul odour.

Khun Si Waterfall  Samui



  • Be cautious under foot rocks are slippy over the tree roots rocks and boulders.
  • Check water depth and underwater rocks before jumping into any of the pools.
  • Fitness levels are important the climbs are slippy and steep.
  • Do not climb waterfalls alone or in the dark

What you Need for Khun Si Waterfall

  • Camera
  • Video
  • Towel
  • Sensible shoes (not flip-flops)
  • Drinking Water
  • Mosquito Spray
  • Swimwear (Optional)
  • Money (Baht)