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Hin Lat Waterfall
Wat Hin Lat  

L ocated in Lipa Noi 10mins from Nathon Town Koh Samui is the Hin Lat Waterfall.  The waterfall is set between Nathon and Thong Yang beaches in the tropical lush mountain on the south of the Island. Follow the 4172 and the waterfall is signposted. The surrounding area of the Hin Lat Waterfall has colorful flowers and coconut plantations. Dense jungle stretching 3km. The waterfalls are accessible by scooter or car with parking available. A small restaurant lies at the base for refreshments. The waterfall and temple make you feel very close to nature it is a tropical paradise.

Hin Lat Waterfall or Secret Falls

H in Lat Waterfall Koh Samui is a serene place best visited during the rainy season. To reach the top of the waterfall should take about 20 – 30 mins depending on your fitness levels. Fabulous opportunity for photos before you descend from the jungle surroundings. At the base of the waterfall are two cooling freshwater pools to take a dip. The waterfall area is great for a family picnic and hiking an experience different to the beaches and tourists areas. Hiking through the jungle trails is an experience to be in touch with nature and the real Koh Samui.

W at Namtok Hin Lat Temple lies to the left of Hin Lad Waterfall. The temple is very popular with the locals who visit to meditate and give offerings to the monks. The monks run meditation classes and workshops for the locals looking for guidance. Signs dotted along the paths impart wisdom to the visitors in both Thai and English.  Visitors can stand on a small bridge feeding the fish.  Food for the fish is available at the on-site shop. Hidden within a large natural formed rock stands an interesting Buddha Statue. Paths around the temple take you along peaceful nature walks. The temple grounds garden is a peaceful place to sit relax and meditate.

Hin Lat Waterfall Samui

F Be cautious under foot rocks may be slippy especially over the tree roots rocks and boulders. Check water depth and rocks under the water before jumping into any of the pools.
Fitness levels are important the climbs are slippy and steep.
How to get to the Hin Lat Waterfall

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